Litter registration

The puppies of the litter at the age of 5-8 weeks must have a chip/transponder.

Your own vet puts the chip and signs the chip/transponder record in two copies.

One copy should be attached to the litter registration form.The litter at latets the age of

24 weeks can be reported to the club.Only one litter can be on one registration form.

You have to send the litter registration form with the mate certificate attached the

chip record and a copy of the parents pedigree with the achievement of the

breeding visitation to the club:2721 Pilis, Ady Endre u.11.

or hand it down in the MEOESZ office:1191 Budapest,Hoffher Albert u.38-40.

The pedigree can be picked up in person or received by mail.

Warning! Our club can issue a pedigree only when the parents have a breeding qualification!

Our club can take control over the first litter.

If You have quastions ,please contact us!

Current price list

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